Roommates, it seems like Malcolm Mays exchanged words with a few uniformed men outside of a recent screening of ‘Power Book II: Ghost.’

The details are still fuzzy at this point, but a circulating video shows Malcolm going off. Meanwhile, a couple of officers, allegedly on orders from another man in a suit, physically moved him away from the screening venue.

In the clip, Mays is wearing the same clothes as what he had on for the season four red carpet premiere.

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See What Else Happened With Malcolm Mays

In the clip, two officers held and physically moved Mays by his arms, which he had up in the air in a “surrender” position. Witnesses nearby shouted messages like “Don’t let them get the best of you” and “You have a career” at the actor.

Once he was in the street in front of the venue, Malcolm Mays kept shouting words at the crew of officers. At one point, he asked if they knew who he was, and when someone said yes, he denied it.

“I know you don’t [know who he is], and that’s the f**king problem,” Malcolm said.

See what happened in the video below.

Meanwhile, in The Shade Room’s comments, Malcolm was repeatedly compared to his character on the show Lou Lou. His castmate, Gianni Paolo, who portrays Brayden Weston in the series, said Mays was “dead sober.”

“He was dead sober so chill. Episode was too fire in there he just got mad we’re #1 again that’s it,” Gianni wrote.

Mays himself hasn’t spoken about what went down.

This season four premiere marks the end of ‘Power Book II: Ghost,’ news that came down in March of this year. Soon after, Michael Rainey Jr. released a statement about the show’s impact on his career.

“Portraying Tariq St. Patrick in the ‘Power’ universe has been an incredible journey. ‘Power’ has been an amazing platform,. opening doors for young actors like myself, and I’m truly grateful for that.”

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