Social media doesn’t seem all the way convinced that Rubi Rose and Druski are dating. But that’s not stopping the couple from sharing their romance with the world. On Thursday (May 2), she shared a look at some presents from her “boo” for their two-week anniversary.

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It’s been that long since Rubi and the comedian first went viral for being boo’ed up in social media posts.

As for her anniverasry presents, Rubi shared a video of two vases filled with red roses strapped in a car’s backseat. Her caption said, “Our 2 week anniversary my baby.” 

Social Media Reacts To Rubi & Druski

As mentioned, folks on social media seem to still be wanting more proof of Rubi and Druski’s love. In addition to the photos, Rubi also shared a video of them holding hands in the front seats of a car.

Still, neither of them have given any full statements or details on when they started seeing each other.

But the roommates have been going in with mixed reactions to Rubi’s latest peek at their alleged romance.

@kymsochic wrote, “Our 2 week anniversary gave it away. This is NOT a serious relationship.” 

@lord__azula said, “I moved in with my husband after 2 weeks, and we celebrate 15 years this October. Celebrate every milestone even if other people don’t get it!!”

@9geriah said, “2 week anniversary? Yea, that just confirmed this relationship is for “clout” cause it’s giving performative.” 

@jt_gogetit wrote, “irl 2 weeks? She’s happy & I love that for her but 2 weeks ain’t nothing to celebrate.” 

@chyddo said, “They can actually be that unexpected kinda couple that somehow work out and become what we didn’t expect, let me give it one month before officially rooting for them.”

Rubi Rose and Druski aren’t the only ones being accused of having a fake relationship Keyshia Cole recently slammed Lil Scrappy for suggesting a label could be paying her to date rapper Hunxho.

Meanwhile, Cher recently let it be known why her attraction to younger men is anything but fake!

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