Gloom pervades as the Tarnished holds perfume bottles as weapons, like a Macy's worker who's had it with everything.

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The Firespark Perfume Bottle can only be discovered in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. This weapon scales well with Dexterity and fire damage, making it an excellent choice for a melee/pyromancer hybrid build. If that’s up your alley, you’re in luck—you can score this unique weapon within the first few minutes of starting the DLC.

Here’s what you need to know about the Firespark Perfume Bottle and where to find it.

Firespark Perfume Bottle stats and features

The Firespark Perfume Bottle has a weight of 1.0 and requires the following stats to wield:

The weapon comes equipped with Ash of War: Kick. This Ash of War does precisely what you’d expect—you’ll kick away any enemies that have closed the gap on you, staggering smaller foes and giving you a chance to attack them freely.

The Firespark Perfume Bottle can be upgraded to +25 with standard Smithing Stones.

Firespark Perfume Bottle item description

The Firespark Perfume Bottle’s item description reads:

“Perfume bottle remade into a weapon by perfumers of the realm of shadow. Attacks release perfumed powder, producing sparks of fire.

The crusade was a violent purge, and the perfumers were not called there to heal.”

Where to find the Firespark Perfume Bottle

You can find the Firespark Perfume Bottle in Gravesite Plain within minutes of beginning the expansion. Head north in the region to the giant bridge leading to the Castle Ensis legacy dungeon. You’ll eventually find the Castle Front Site of Grace.

A map showing the location of the Firespark Perfume Bottle.

Screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku

From the Site of Grace, turn and face south and look for an area close by in the encampment with quite a few Perfumer enemies sitting or wandering about. Defeat them all and check a nearby chest to find the Firespark Perfume Bottle. Easy enough!


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