Draya Michele seemingly wants to know if the public outrage about her relationship with Jalen Green will ever end. The Mint Swim CEO posed the question in The Shade Room’s comment section on Monday (June 24).

“Is this outrage like forever? Or do y’all eventually get over it? Just asking,” she wrote.

She placed her comment under a repost of photos she shared with her daughter. In the flicks, her infant was strapped to her chest in a black-and-white carrier. Meanwhile, the three-time mommy sported a casual look consisting of an orange-and-white tracksuit and matching sneakers. She pulled her hair into a slicked ponytail.

The original post on her Instagram page features additional photos of the mother and daughter enjoying lunch. The caption reads, “I had a baby, y’all. Earth is wild.”  

What “Outrage” Is Draya Michele Referring To?

As mentioned, this isn’t Draya’s first time circling the parenthood block. Prior to welcoming her first daughter with Jalen Green earlier this year, Michele had two sons from two prior relationships. Her eldest, 21-year-old Kniko Howard, is currently in college, and her middle child, Jru Scandrick, is eight years old, per BuzzFeed

Much of the recent “outrage” the entrepreneur has received is centered on the age gap between her and the Houston Rockets player (and his age proximity to her own son). Draya is 39 as of January 23, and Jalen is 22 as of February 9. According to the timeline of her pregnancy, she was dating and became pregnant by the athlete when he was 21 and she was 38.

The backlash began months before she announced her pregnancy in March, back when folks were only speculating about their romantic ties. It has continued since, though. Draya has occasionally clapped back, including earlier this month when their matching ‘fits sent social media into a frenzy.

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However, this past weekend marked the first time the couple addressed the negativity together. Paparazzi caught the couple as they were headed to a restaurant in West Hollywood, California. Draya was seen pushing their daughter in a stroller and carrying the diaper bag as Jalen leisurely walked alongside her—a scene that inspired a new wave of criticism about maturity and their age gap.




While Draya told the pap that they both try to avoid the internet as much as possible, Jalen clarified that they “don’t care” about the comments on their ties or new family.

“I don’t know what people’s problem is. Two adults being in love. I don’t know why that would rub people the wrong way, it’s kinda weird. Love is love at the end day,” Draya added.

From the looks of it, Green was likely the photographer behind the new photos she shared with their daughter, given that she’s wearing the same outfit she had on in the paparazzi video. So, despite what the innanet has to say, it seems that Draya and Jalen are continuing to push through!

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