For those looking to add a personal touch to their phone, APEALZ announces a unique solution – customizable phone skins. APEALZ’s reusable and customizable phone skins are made of a durable fabric-like material with a strong, yet non-permanent adhesive. This means they can be easily applied and removed as often as you like, without leaving any sticky residue behind. This cutting-edge combination ensures a secure fit on a device with effortless removal and reapplication. 

APEALZ skins are designed to protect from scratches and other damage, but they do more than just that. With a wide variety of designs, patterns, and customizable options, APEALZ skins allow you to express your personality and style like never before. Choose from sleek minimalist designs, bold statements, or intricate artwork—there’s an APEALZ skin to suit every style and mood. Simply pick a favorite image on the Shop by Image page to get started. There’s even an option to upload your favorite photo to make a personalized skin in the APEALZ ArtBoard. 

What makes APEALZ phone skins so unique?

  • Durable fabric-like material for a premium look and feel
  • Strong, non-permanent adhesive for easy application and effortless removal
  • No sticky residue, ensuring a clean surface every time
  • Customizable designs to reflect your individual style
  • Use your own photo to create the perfect personalized phone skin
  • Compatibility with a wide range of smartphone models

All phone skins are printed to order in the USA and are only $15.99 each. For customers that buy two Phone Skins, APEALZ is currently offering 30% off the second phone skin. Shop now at to create a custom phone skin. 

Whether you want to protect your device, make a fashion statement, or both, APEALZ has numerous phone skin options to suit every customer. Join the APEALZ revolution today and experience the freedom to express yourself – one skin at a time.

For businesses that want to add pizazz to their branding, they can take their marketing to the next level by outfitting their teams’ devices with branded laptop, tablet and phone skins. Add a logo, website, or a special message to spotlight your business in an incredibly unique way. Visit the APEALZ For Business page to learn more.


APEALZ is a leading provider of reusable and customizable phone skins, offering smartphone owners a unique way to personalize and protect their devices. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and individuality, APEALZ is dedicated to empowering customers to showcase their personality and style through their phones, and other products. 

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