Gordon Ramsay isn’t letting a scary bicycle accident and extreme, deep bruising keep him from filming. Days after his helmet “saved” his life, the world-renowed chef shared a video message from one of his cooking show sets.

He got serious about the importance of safety while biking and expressed gratitude that his accident wasn’t more severe. To lock in his message, the ‘Master Chef’ creator lifted his apron to show his purple-colored skin around his ribcage and side.

Here’s How Gordon Ramsay Ended Up Looking Like “A Purple Potato”

As mentioned, Gordon revealed his bicycle accident on Instagram on Saturday (June 15). He started his video by introducing himself, while one of his hands violently shook. That’s also the word Ramsay used to explain how his incident this past week had him feeling.

“…it really shook me,” he said. “I’m lucky to be here.”

Gordon credited the “amazing” surgeons and doctors who treated his injuries at Lawerence + Memorial Hospital in New London, Connecticut. He also went IN on why cyclists, including kids, should be wearing a “helmet,” regardless of their journey’s distance or cost of the safety tool.

“I’m in pain, it’s been a brutal week,” Gordon shared, while reiterating his luck.

His face and arms appeared fine, but when he lifted his shirt, the brusing looked to be taking over one side of his chest and stomach area and one side of his back.

His carousel post also included a photo of his helmet, which appeared to be severely scratched and burned out from the impact. The yellow top the cycling enthusiast wore was also visibily torn.

“I’m doing ok and did not break any bones or suffer any major injuries but I am a bit bruised up looking like a purple potato,” the Michelin star chef said.

Watch his video statement below and swipe to see before and after photos of Gordon’s accident. 

Gordon Includes Father’s Day Message In Post About Bike Accident

Gordon Ramsay also took the opportunity to highlight Father’s Day while updating his 17.4 million followers about his accident. His caption recapped the incident, and gave his health update ahead of the national celebration.

“…Most thankful for my helmet that saved my life. Have a great Father’s Day and be safe,” he wrote.

Fortunately, it seems like the chef’s injurires hasn’t stopped his work grind. As for Daddy’s Day, Gordon is blessed to be celebrating six times over.

PEOPLE reports that he and his wife Tana welcomed their first child, Megan, in 1998. They followed up with twin daughters Holly Anna and Jack Scott, daughter Matilda (also known as Tilly), son Oscar and son Jeese, who arrived in 2023.

Gordon Ramsey and Tana also reportedly experienced a miscarriage in 2016 prior to Oscar’s birth.

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