An image shows an Ikea digital store and employee in Roblox.

Image: Roblox / Ikea / Kotaku

Hey, late-stage capitalism has reached a new and depressing milestone: Digital stores run by real people.

Released in 2006, Roblox is a multi-platform multiplayer game that lets players use official tools to create, play, and share their own games and experiences with Roblox’s massive audience. Some of these games can become extremely popular, racking up millions of players and potentially earning their creators some money. Other experiences in Roblox are corporate-created, like a recently announced Walmart store that sells digital and real items. And now Ikea is hopping into Roblox, with a digital store that will be staffed by real human beings.

As spotted by TheGamer, Ikea is looking to hire 10 “lucky candidates” to work in the furniture company’s new digital Roblox store. Employees will get paid a £13.15 ($16.82) hourly rate and (this probably goes without saying) the job is entirely remote. Ikea is only looking to hire people aged 18 or older who live in the UK on a “limited contract.”

People Make Games

So what will Ikea’s real employees do all day in a digital store? According to the retail giant’s official website, staff in Roblox will work in “different sections” of the digital store and help people find furniture, serve meatballs to customers, and have a chance to win “exclusive” content.

To apply, you’ll need to answer some questions including: “What would you do if [Ikea] ran out of pixelated hot dogs?” and “How do you feel about being turned into pixels?”

It should be noted that this is not officially affiliated with or supported by Roblox. You can tell because Ikea, unlike Roblox’s studio head, doesn’t want to exploit children in its digital store.

However, Roblox itself has hinted at its plans to possibly hire people using the online game in the future. I can’t wait for my grandkids to work in the Roblox mines, digging up digital diamonds for TikTok kings and queens who control our ruined economy.


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