Trina McGee, a former actor on ‘Boy Meets World,’ has revealed that she’s expecting a child at the age of 54.

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More Details On Trina McGee’s Pregnancy Announcement

On Tuesday, June 4, McGee took to Instagram to share an update with fans. The 54-year-old posted a video that featured audio from The Supreme’s 1964 single, ‘Baby Love.’

Additionally, McGee added a caption on her video with:

“At the tender age of 54 I have found myself pregnant. Please bless us with your prayers for a safe delivery. Thank you.”

The actor shared additional words in the text caption of her Instagram post.

“Gonna sign off social media for a bit. Thanks for your prayers and well wishes in advance,” she added.

According to PEOPLE, McGee is already a mother to three children, two of whom she shares with her ex-husband, Courtland Davis, and a third from a “previous relationship.”

Earlier this week, McGee shared a photo of herself while vacationing in Belize. In the comment section of the photo, fans spotted her baby bump.

According to PEOPLE, McGee has been married to fellow actor Marcello Thedford for sixteen years.

Social Media Sends Well Wishes

Social media users congratulated McGee on her pregnancy announcement in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @jakademik_md wrote, Congrats, at 54 she’s healthier than a lot of ya’ll at 35, so let’s not. Safe pregnancy.”

While Instagram user @themusiqisinme added, We put too many timelines on women’s biological clocks! God creates life and he only knows when it stops…”

Instagram user @iamcarmaaa wrote, Her timing isn’t nobody else’s! God bless mamas 🙌🙌❤️❤️”

While Instagram user @1pablodre added, I’m 33 and was getting worried I’d never have one. This just gave me hope 🙌🏾”

Instagram user @essenceofblackculture wrote, …Congratulations to her and the family. This is her 4th child so the baby will be surrounded by love.”

While Instagram user @iheartshoes2024 added, A blessing. As a woman who tried for years.. I understand her joy.”

Instagram user @e.n.j__1230 wrote,Wow! So their really is hope for me! At the tender age of 40!”

While Instagram user added, Women are amazing. Congratulations and wishing a safe and healthy pregnancy & delivery”

Another ‘Boy Meets World’ Actor Went Viral After Opening Up About Their Plans On Having Kids

As The Shade Room previously reported, in March 2023, Matthew Lawrence made headlines after sharing his plans about having kids. The actor began dating TLC singer Chilli in 2022.

In March 2023, he told Entertainment Tonight that he and the singer were “trying” to have kids in the near future.

“That’s the game plan. That’s what we’re trying to do,” he said at the time.

Then, a few weeks later, Chilli made headlines after she seemingly pumped the brakes on Lawrence’s statement. However, the singer clarified that Lawrence’s statements were taken out of context.

“They didn’t show that part, but when you go on there, and you see the whole interview, then you see he was not talking about us working on having a baby… because that’s not what’s happening,” she explained while appearing on ‘Ryan Cameron Uncensored.’

Furthermore, the mother of one made it clear that a specific event needs to occur before she begins trying for another child.

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