Dr. Anthony Fauci‘s appearance before the House Select Subcommittee is just around the corner and he will be making some more revelations about the coronavirus pandemic in this particular sit-down. However, just before this testimony, Republicans released a transcript version of their previous sit-down with Fauci in which he admitted some earth-shattering facts, according to ‘New York Post’.

No science behind social distancing, claims Fauci

In the transcript, he admitted to writing prescriptions for the public which contained elements that were in fact, not backed by science. This included requesting children to wear masks and the social-distancing advice of at least 6 feet. This social distancing ‘trend’ was later on followed across the globe and it became a thing, attached very permanently to the coronavirus pandemic.
When the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) was asked how the ‘social distancing’ practice came into existence, he claimed to not be able to recall it. He also said that ‘it sort of just appeared.’ This came as a very surprising statement and right after he also claimed that there were no studies to support this practice as it would be a very ‘difficult study’ to do.

“Theories to support masking children unavailable”

Asking children under the age of 2 to wear masks was also a critical issue included in the transcript where Dr. Fauci claimed that he was not able to specifically provide any data that supported this claim that masking children could save them from the epidemic.

According to reports, the House committee questioned Fauci about some emails that revealed Dr. Morens, his former senior adviser tried to evade transparency and dodge records requests under the Freedom of Information Act, which is one of the fundamental pillars of seeking information, as per the US Constitution.


How can we seek information from an institution based in the US?
Seeking information is one of the fundamental rights for US citizens under the US Constitution. Using the Freedom of Information Act, one can seek necessary information from major US institutions.

Was there any scientific backing behind the social distancing protocol of 6 feet?
According to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recently released transcripts, there was no scientific backing to the claims of maintaining 6 feet of social distancing.

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