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Yes, we admit it: the RetailMeNot editorial team cannot get enough of Bath & Body Works products. The yummy skin care products! The fantastic range of perfumes, from the spicy to the sweet and everything in between! The three-wick candles! The single-wick candles! Plus, that new Bridgerton collection? Yes, please!

True fans of the retailer are well aware that there are certain times of the year when you can stock up and save on your favorite items, but to make sure you don’t miss a single one, RetailMeNot dove deep for the most up-to-date information on Bath & Body Works upcoming sales (including the always-anticipated Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale). Read on to see them all!

What’s On Sale at Bath & Body Works NOW?

On May 31, all three-wick candles are $10 off. Plus, get buy three, get one free pricing on all full-size body, skin and hair care products.

Bath & Body Works Sale 2024 Schedule

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec


Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale

Image: Bath & Body Works

When Is the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale? 

The Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual sale always happens in the summer and in the winter. In 2023, the winter Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual sale kicked off on Dec. 26, 2023, and ran into the new year until Jan. 19. The 2023 summer sale ran from June 3 to July 3.

This mega, major sale cannot be beaten. The Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale always happens twice a year and kicks off with very consistent timing: in early June and the day after Christmas (Dec. 26).

What The Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Offers

If you had to remember just one sales event, it’s the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual sale, a massive, twice-a-year opportunity for shoppers to save up to 75% on a huge range of the brand’s beloved products. In the past, RetailMeNot has found steals such as:

  • Select Wallflowers fragrance refills for $3.50.
  • 50% off select hand soaps.
  • Select five packs of hand sanitizers for $4.
  • Up to 50% off select body creams.
  • Select three-wick candles priced at $10 or less (usually $24.50).


Although Bath & Body Works doesn’t have any major sales in February, that doesn’t mean there aren’t savings opportunities to score. This year, limited-time and flash sales were sprinkled throughout February like confetti.

Here are just some of the biggest ones:

  • $5.95 mists and body sprays (Feb. 3-5)
  • 50% off men’s body care (Feb. 7)
  • BOGO free all candles (Feb. 12-14)
  • Extra 20% off an entire purchase (Feb. 19)
  • $13.95 3-wick candles (Feb. 22-25)


International Fragrance Week Sale

Image: Bath & Body Works

Take 40% off your favorite head-to-toe Bath & Body fragrances for everyone and every mood during this annual Bath & Body Works sale (March 18-24). Plus, you get free shipping on orders over $50. The sale included $4.95 full-size mists and body sprays, 3-wick candles for $14.95, and lots more.


This month isn’t a spectacular time for big Bath & Body Works sales. Like February, April is another month for limited-time sales on a variety of products. Some flash sales included $13.95 3-wick candles for Earth Day (April 21-22, 2023) and $2.95 for hand and bar soaps (April 28-30, 2023).

Spring Body Care Event

Image: Bath & Body Works

The annual Body Care Event only lasted for four days — April 5-8 this year, but it offered lots of different body care products for $5.95, plus $10 off all 3-wick candles.


Summer scents make their way into Bath & Body Works stores and online. Expect early summer savings toward the end of the month, like 3-wick candles for $14.95 (May 18-21, 2023).

Mother’s Day Gifting Event

Image: Bath & Body Works

Mother’s Day is May 12 this year, and Bath & Body Works wants to help you save during their Gifting Event. In 2023, the sale offered hand soaps and Wallflowers refills for $3.50, 3-wick candles for $12.95 and body care products for $5.95. This sale typically starts about four days before Mother’s Day.


Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale

Image: Bath & Body Works

The second Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual sale hits stores and online at 6 a.m. in the summer. Last year, it ran from June 3 (early access started June 2 at 6 p.m. ET) to July 3, 2023, and pretty much has consistently followed this time frame every summer.

Plus, Bath & Body Works will offer additional limited-time opportunities to save, like these in 2023:

  • Three-wick candles for $10.95 and $3.95 body care items (June 3-6, June 16-20, 2023)
  • Hand soaps and Wallflowers refills for $2.99 (June 7-9, June 15-16, 2023)
  • 20% off select in-store sale merch (June 21-22, 2023)
  • An extra 20% off entire online-only purchases (June 27-28, 2023)
  • Wallflowers refills for $3.95 (June 26-29, 2023)
  • Buy three, get three full-size body care items (June 28-July 3, 2023)


Back-to-School Days Sale

Image: Bath & Body Works

As Bath & Body Works gets ready for fall, they begin offering early back-to-school savings this month (July 11-22, 2023) and also threw in a $12.95 3-wick candle offer (July 20-26, 2023).


Member Appreciation Days Sale

Image: Bath & Body Works

The first-ever Bath & Body Works Member Appreciation Days sale was held last year from Aug. 20-28, 2023. It included free shipping on orders over $50 for rewards members, BOGO wellness body care items, 3-wick candles for $12.95, and other member-exclusive deals.

Summer Sale

Image: Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works ushers summer out the door with a 50% off sale on select merchandise. Last year, it ran from Aug. 28 to Sept. 7, 2023. The sale included $5.95 single-wick candles and $13.95 3-wick candles.


Fall Event

Image: Bath & Body Works

The Fall Event holds even more savings on new fragrances. That year’s sale (Sept. 1-5, 2023) included full-size body lotions, body wash & shower gels for $5.50, mists, body sprays and body cream & moisturizing body wash for $6.50 and 3-wick candles for $14.95 but starting on Sept. 7, 2023, they dropped to $12.95 until Sept. 10, 2023.

Other limited-time sales in September 2023:

  • The Wonderful Walls Event ran from Sept. 15-17, 2023, for $2.95 Wallflowers refills.
  • $13.95 3-wick candles (Sept. 22-Oct. 1)
  • 40% off everything for the first day of fall (Sept. 23, 2023).
  • The Sale of the Scentury ran from Sept. 10-11) with Wallflowers refills for $3.50, buy three, get three free on select body care and 3-wick candles for $12.95.


Friends & Family Event

Image: Bath & Body Works

The Friends & Family event might be a one-day-only sale, but it’s still a good one to shop, especially to prep for the upcoming holiday season. The mid-October sale offers an extra 25% off, and in 2023, it also included BOGO on all candles and the Fall Sale Shop with 60% off select items.


Bath & Body Works Black Friday Sale

Image: Bath & Body Works

When Is the Bath & Body Works Black Friday Sale? 

Though you’d think it was on Black Friday, in previous years, the retailer kicked off their Black Friday sales on the Monday before Thanksgiving, wrapping the whole thing up on Black Friday itself. Sign up for their newsletter so you don’t miss this year’s date. In 2023, the Bath & Body Works famous gift box cost $40 (with a $40+ purchase) and contained goodies worth $100.

What It Offers

Amazing deals across the board, like a mix-and-match buy three, get three free offer, which it offers consistently year after year. There’s always something extra special for holiday shoppers, too. In 2023, the brand is offering its Holiday Wonder Gift Set (with items worth more than $100) for $40 with any $40 purchase, with scents, candles, soap, lotion and other items. Other years, they’ve had a special tote full of holiday products. Whatever it is this year, you know it’ll be well worth it. 


The Bath & Body Works Candle Sale will pop up near the beginning of the month and the Semi-Annual Sale will pick up this month on Dec. 26. But before then, there are plenty of other sales to shop.

Bath & Body Works Cyber Monday Sale

Image: Bath & Body Works

When Is the Bath & Body Works Cyber Monday Sale?

No surprise, it’s Cyber Monday, which is always the Monday immediately after Thanksgiving. But the sale often runs for a couple of days. In 2022, the Bath & Body Works Cyber Monday sale ran Nov. 28-29. In 2023, it ran Nov. 27-28, offering 40% off sitewide. This year, Cyber Monday falls on Dec. 2.

What It Offers

The retailer drops prices across the board. Last year, for example, they offered 40% off the entire store. Hard to beat that. 

When Is the Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candle Sale?

Image: Bath & Body Works

Once a year in December, Bath & Body Works offers its beloved three-wick candles for the lowest prices of the year—$9.95. The Bath & Body Works Candle Day Sale is traditionally held on or near the first Saturday of December. In 2023, it ran from Dec. 2 to Dec. 3 (early access on Dec. 1 for rewards members). This sale is both in stores and online, with inventory varying between the two and even from one retail location to another. Road trip, anyone? 

At the Bath & Body Works Candle Day Sale, three-wick candles are offered at the absolute lowest price of the year. For the 2023 sale, that meant three-wick candles were on sale for $9.95, down from $24.50. With a burn time of 25-45 hours, you get so much bang for your buck with each candle. 

What It Offers

Bath & Body Works 3-wick candle inventory sold out in one day, but the retailer did offer the sale in stores for three days (while supplies lasted). This year, the brand has promised that shoppers will have over 100 (!!) scents to choose from, including seasonal, classic year-round scents and some “surprises,” too. As noted above, this was a one-day event online last year, and items sell out fast everywhere, so don’t sleep on it! 

Bath & Body Works Top Offers 

When Is the Bath & Body Works Top Offers Sale?

Ongoing. Yes, you read that right. Bath & Body Works always has plenty of good deals going on, so visit the Bath & Body Works Top Offers page whenever you feel like some affordable pampering or need the perfect gift for the Bath & Body Works lover in your life. 

What It Offers

It varies all the time, but expect to see savings like: 

  • Buy three, get two free on select body care.
  • Wallflowers fragrance refills, five for $24. 
  • Single-wick candles, two for $20. 
  • Hand sanitizer five-packs for $8. 
  • Buy two, get one free on travel, hand and lip care. 
  • Room sprays are priced at three for $20.
  • Select hand sanitizer sprays for $2, down from $6.50. 

Savings Tips for Getting Bath & Body Works on Sale

There are a variety of ways to save more at Bath & Body Works. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Physical Bath & Body Works coupons: They’re mailed out extremely infrequently, but it’s worth it for superfans to sign up for the Bath & Body Works mailing list. Visit Bath & Body Works mailing address update email form, and choose “Mailing Address Add/Update” from the topic drop-down and “Add” as your request type. Enter all of your information and let the savings begin. 
  • Bath & Body Works newsletter: Want offers, the latest news, Bath & Body Works upcoming sales scoop and more? Sign up for the Bath & Body Works newsletter
  • Follow Bath & Body Works on social media: Follow the brand on your favorite social media platforms, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, for updates on new launches and special events. 
  • RetailMeNot promo codes: Don’t miss out on even more savings. Whether you’re shopping in person or online, before you buy, visit RetailMeNot’s Bath & Body Works coupons page to take advantage of any additional savings opportunities.  
  • Download the RetailMeNot Deal Finder Browser Extension: RetailMeNot Deal Finder is a free browser extension that automatically finds and applies working coupon codes and cash back offers for you, so you can be sure to save when you shop.  

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