Natsume Inc. just announced a brand new Harvest Moon game for mobile coming this August. Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home is the newest entry in the series and is aimed to be a fresh experience for mobile. Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home will feature a traditional Harvest Moon series style with some familiar characters teased. Natsume Inc. hopes Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home is a cozy adventure for all mobile gamers when it arrives. Not much is known about the game yet, but Natsume revealed that Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home features you returning to your hometown after 10 years of city life. Not all the residents in your hometown are happy, but you need to convince everyone that you want the best for the town of Alba. Check out the Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home mobile logo below:

If you’re wondering about Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons, I recommend watching this video to see what led to the brand splitting like that with Marvelous handling Story of Seasons while Natsume Inc handles Harvest Moon. Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home is set to release on iOS and Android in August 2024. A definite release date or price point have not been announced yet. I’m curious to see how this ends up as a mobile-only title in the series compared to getting ports before. What do you think of Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home from Natsume Inc. and did you play the publisher’s prior mobile releases?

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