The army is planning to significantly expand its outreach to the industry by expanding its internal design bureau that promotes innovation in military technologies and is looking to create special structures, including brigade-level formations that can be used to test bed new tech and creation of an adversarial force for wargaming future challenges.

The Army Design Bureau (ADB), which is tasked with induction and absorption of futuristic technologies, will be expanded and cells will be established at formations and units for greater interaction with the industry.

“Organisational and procedural transformation will be undertaken to ensure induction and absorption of niche technology towards futuristic capability development with a focus on Atmanirbharta,” an army official said. These initiatives were planned at the Army Commanders Conference that was held in a hybrid format this week.

The army is looking to create a new fund head to promote these initiatives. It plans to set up test bed brigades that will be specially tasked with trying out new equipment being developed by the industry.

Officials added to ensure a more realistic training environment and creation of wargaming for future threats, a new body that will function as an ‘adversarial force’ is also being considered by the army.


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