A Delhi court here remanded Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to judicial custody (Tihar jail) till April 15. Kejriwal was remanded to judicial custody after the Enforcement Directorate (ED) refused to seek his further custodial interrogation.

In its remand paper seeking Kejriwal’s judicial custody, ED alleged in court that Kejriwal ‘misled’ the investigation and called AAP members who were questioned by ED ‘confused’. ED claimed that Kejriwal gave “false and contrary evidence vis-a-vis other members of AAP”.

ED claimed Kejriwal was “confronted with statements of different witnesses, approvers and other co-accused who have revealed” his role. When Kejriwal was asked about the “extent of interaction and reporting of Vijay Nair” to him, ED claimed Kejriwal said, “Vijay Nair did not report to him but to Atishi and Saurabh Bhardwaj and his interaction with Vijay Nair was limited.” Vijay Nair is a co-accused in the case and AAP’s former communication-in-charge.

Nair was housed in a bungalow allotted to Delhi minister Kailash Gahlot. The minister confirmed this during ED’s questioning, it claimed. “Statements of Vijay Nair himself reveal that he worked from the camp office of the chief minister,” ED contended.

ED claimed it asked Kejriwal to explain why “someone who reported to other leaders of AAP, worked from his camp office. ED alleged that Kejriwal “evaded replying” to the question “by claiming unawareness to the persons who work at the CM camp office”.

ED claimed Kejriwal was also shown different WhatsApp chats to ‘prove his involvement’ with Nair, but he did not answer questions posed to him, but he questioned the authenticity of digital evidence. ED claimed in court that Kejriwal was shown “evidence of more than ten meetings” of Nair with co-accused, including liquor manufacturers, wholesalers and even middlemen, but Kejriwal “evaded the question by claiming unawareness” of said individuals. “It is clear that a senior functionary like Vijay Nair, who closely worked with Kejriwal, wouldn’t be able to assert himself without the sanction and approval of the head of the party,” ED contended. “This is also because the ultimate benefit of these conspiracies/meetings was reaped by AAP in Goa election campaign,” it alleged.ED also claimed to have confronted Kejriwal “with evidence of hawala transfers to the tune of ₹45 crores which is corroborated with CDR locations, call records, IT seized data of hawala firm in Goa, proof of payments being done in part cash and part bill and WhatsApp showing this arrangement”. Kejriwal was further confronted with the statement of a witness who worked on the AAP campaign in Goa, ED claimed. He was also confronted with the statement of ND Gupta, AAP national treasurer who in his statement to ED alleged that it is the national convenor who appointed state election in-charge. ED claimed. Kejriwal, however, told ED the “political affairs committee” decided on state election in-charge. “Kejriwal who first says that ND Gupta is an active member of the party and member of PAC and has knowledge of the party functioning when confronted with the statement of Gupta… calls him confused,” ED alleged.

Court allowed Kejriwal’s request for Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana and the book, How Prime Ministers work. It has also allowed Kejriwal’s request for home cooked meal. Tiha jail authorities have been directed to provide candies, bananas, glucose etc in case Kejriwal’s sugar levels drop suddenly.


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