I’m not one to really ever complain about Free People. I love them, their clothes, accessories, shoes … like literally everything they offer. The love runs extra deep.

That said, the brand rarely designs something that causes everyone to laugh out loud. But the We The Free Prince Street Denim Shorts have people taking to social to discuss the oddness of the whole thing. The style reminds me of the waitress belt I had to wear when I waited tables to hold stuff. The FP ones aren’t even THAT functional, especially at $128. The double-layered pocket flaps are just there for show — like chaps — flouncing around when you walk but don’t seem to serve much purpose.

Image: Free People

But Free People didn’t stop with the Prince Street pair. Maybe the We The Free “Keep It Brief” Denim Micro Shorts got their name because they fit more like underwear than a pair of shorts you can wear around your grandmother; there’s really not much to them. Relatively speaking, FP’s price for this pair is conducive to its size at $58.

Image: Free People

Sure, the micro-short trend was seen on fashion runways during designer spring/summer shows. Like most runway fashion, it doesn’t translate into real life. Even though these micro shorts really don’t make up the majority of the shorts offered by Free People, we’ve found a couple of other denim shorts that you can confidently walk outside wearing and not miss out on those moments with grandma.

We The Free ‘Fleur’ Denim Shorts

See, Free People really does carry shorts that actually cover more than a swimsuit. The Fleur denim shorts have a tiered flouncy silhouette and a hem that isn’t too long but isn’t too short either.

We The Free ‘Palmer’ Shorts

With two actual working pockets in the front, the Palmer shorts offer length and functionality.

We The Free ‘Now Or Never’ Denim Shorts

This affordable option is perhaps comparable to the Keep It Brief pair in terms of price. It’s $10 more and has maybe 10 times more fabric at the hem.

$68 at Free People

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