Back in March 2014 (!), Brain&Brain, the developers now most known for Burly Men at Sea, released the point and click adventure game Doggins ($2.99) on iPad. Doggins has you following a terrier taking on an evil squirrel. You solve puzzles and more with gorgeous visuals. Doggins is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and Brain&Brain has just announced a PC version alongside an update for the mobile release. Doggins was designed just for iPad back then, and the game made its way to iPhone and Android eventually. The team originally wanted to release it on PC and Mac, but had moved to the next project. The new port of Doggins for PC and Mac will be accompanied by the mobile version getting updated to bring in a restored soundtrack and some refinements. The restored soundtrack features songs that weren’t possible to license for the game back then. Watch the Doggins 10th anniversary trailer below:

If you’d like to try Doggins on mobile before the PC and Mac version, you can buy it on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Check out one of our early threads for the game here. As of now, a release date for the 10th anniversary Doggins update and the PC/Mac version hasn’t been announced, but the team is working on it for this year. Until then, I recommend checking out Burly Men at Sea from Brain&Brain. It is out on almost every current platform now and is a great experience. Have you played Doggins or Burly Men at Sea yet?


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