“Black women friends know themselves, love themselves, in a way that I think white women are not taught to,” Gwyneth explained.

TMZ reported, the thespian expressed how white women are usually taught to be competitive. Additionally, she expressed her desire for the group to shift their mindset.

“I think white women are taught to be competitive with one another which is something I’ve tried to work so hard to dispel, because I don’t believe in competition between women — but we’re raised to be competitive, to be jealous, to look over each other’s shoulders,” she continued.

Gwen explained there was a completely different energy in her “circle” of Black compadres.

“I’ve learned so much from my Black friends about ruthless self-acceptance and full love of self, the actress noted.

Furthermore, she told the crowd they can “learn from our Black sisters and the way in which they respect themselves.”


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