With VidCon being held last week, Meta took the opportunity to record a live version of its creator podcast, called ”Close Friends Only”, in which high profile creators share their tips for connecting on IG, and how they make best use of the app.

The live session featured creator Reece Feldman and actor Storm Reid, who shared various tips and notes about their respective creative journeys, and how Instagram has helped them connect with an audience.

Most of the tips themselves are fairly general (use new features as they’re released, carousels are good for engagement), but there are some interesting notes on how people with a lot of followers have built their audience in the app.

Though, given the celebrities that have been featured in “Close Friends Only” thus far, a lot of this is predicated on their fame outside of the app.

Take, for example, this session with Renee Rapp and Rachel Sennot:

There are, again, some interesting notes in there, but I wouldn’t say that the episodes are jam packed with helpful tips and pointers for your approach.

But they may be worth considering, and if you’re looking for ways to boost your IG presence, maybe there are some notes in there that will be of specific value for you.

Or if you just like these creators, it could be worth tuning in to hear how they use Instagram to connect.

You can check out the latest episodes of “Close Friends Only” here.

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