Exclusive 30-count bottle to be available at over 2,900 stores across the United States

Fungies, a leading brand in the functional mushroom supplement industry, is thrilled to announce a significant expansion of its retail distribution. As part of its “Making Mushrooms Mainstream” missionthe innovative brand’s popular line of functional mushroom gummies will now be available in over 2,900 Walmart stores across the United States. This milestone is celebrated by introducing an exclusive 30-count bottle of its popular gummies, priced at just $9.97.

This expansion reflects the growing demand for functional mushroom products. It marks a milestone for Fungies as it continues to bring the benefits of functional mushrooms to a broader audience through convenient and delicious gummies, emphasizing a commitment to quality and consumer satisfaction. Each of Fungies’ carefully formulated gummies is designed to address specific wellness needs, making the power of functional mushrooms accessible to everyone.

Discover Fungies Full Range of Functional Mushroom Gummies:

Fungies is proud to showcase its three functional mushroom gummy varieties now available at Walmart. Each gummy is gelatin-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and tastes like fruit snacks:

1. Lion’s Mane Mushroom Daily Brain Health Gummies: Perfect for those looking to support their brain power, Fungies Lion’s Mane Mushroom Gummies are crafted to support cognitive function and mental clarity.

2. Cordyceps Mushroom Daily Energy Gummies: Elevate your energy and help conquer fatigue with caffeine-free Fungies Cordyceps Mushroom Gummies. They’re energy without the buzz in a delicious gummy.

3. Reishi Mushroom Daily Relaxation Gummies: Experience the calming benefits of Reishi with Fungies. Each gummy is infused with Reishi mushroom to help promote relaxation, manage everyday stress, and support restful sleep.

To celebrate this exciting expansion, Fungies is offering 50% off your next purchase of Fungies gummies at participating Walmart locations for a limited time. Fungies is excited to expand the availability of its gummies so that more people can explore the benefits of functional mushrooms in a delicious, convenient form.

“For us, expanding into a major retailer like Walmart is more than just business growth—it’s about advancing our mission,” added Rob Kaufman, Co-Founder of Fungies. “Making Mushrooms Mainstream isn’t just a vision; it’s happening now, and it’s thrilling to lead this wellness revolution.”

In less than three years since its launch, Fungies has achieved remarkable growth and is now available in over 12,000 retail doors nationwide, including major chains such as CVS, Meijer, Sam’s Club, Walgreens, and Walmart. This rapid expansion underscores the brand’s effectiveness, popularity, and ability to meet the wellness needs of a diverse range of consumers.

For additional information about Fungies and its products, visit https://eatfungies.com.

About Fungies:

Fungies is a pioneering brand dedicated to harnessing the natural power of functional mushrooms by offering a range of gummies that support overall health and well-being. With a focus on innovation, quality, and consumer health, Fungies continues to lead the market in providing accessible, effective, and enjoyable functional mushroom supplements.

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